About us

After moving to London in 2000, I was lucky enough to find employment as a sculptor in a small casting company by the name of Magic Custard in West London. While there are now many casting companies operating in the UK, at the time, Magic Custard was THE casting company and blazed a trail that many of the big names today were to follow.

Over a period of 6 years, working closely with the company founder in the role of production manager, we successfully grew into a significant business that was recognised by many as the UK market leader in its field.

During this period I learnt and perfected the casting process, developing an intimate knowledge of every stage of the production from start to finish, often producing casts for high profile household names and consistently delivering high-quality works of all shapes and sizes using every possible material from plaster to bronze to silver, crystal and gold.

After ten years the company merged with another and was moved to East London which in light of my new life as a proud mum sadly spelled the end of my time there.

When my beautiful little boy started school and I found myself with a little more time, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to throw myself into something I had a real passion for. I wanted not only to do something I was passionate about but also wanted to make the most of the skills and knowledge I had spent so many years acquiring and so decided to start my own little casting business, Kiddicast.

We're not the biggest, the fanciest or the richest but if you decide to choose Kiddicast for your baby's cast you are guaranteed a warm welcome, a big smile and a friendly, professional service. You can rest assured that the very same care, skill, precision and dedication to perfection that made my first venture into the world of casting such a success will be employed on your baby's cast.

I take great pride in my work and never tire of seeing the delighted expressions on my customer's faces when they receive their very own, unique and very special cast that they'll treasure forever.