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Baby Hand and Feet Casting

Baby Hand and Feet Casting

Kiddicast London is a family run company specialised in creating baby's and children's 3D hands and feet cast.

Baby hand and feet casting replicates the perfect sculpture of your baby's fingers and toes keeping all the little details. It can be done from the day your child is born using the safe material to create the mould. The method we use is quick and easy and once the mould is done the cast can be then replicated many times and it can make a perfect gift for grandparents.

Baby hand and feet casting can be finished in different materials, kept as free standing or mounted in the frame, in painted plaster, Bronze resin or as Pure Bronze. Your baby's hand and foot cast will stay as a precious memorabilia especially as you watch your child grow.

The casting can be made in our studio or we can come to your home. If you want to know more about the cast and the home visit option please visit the FAQ page or you can contact us.

1. Your Appointment

Contact us and book a casting appointment and we will visit you at home or you can come to our friendly West London home studio.

2. Casting Visit

The home visit lasts around half an hour and the casting is quick and simple. You can make your choice of product from the selection of samples we bring for you.

3. Crafting

After we have the casts we take great care in reproducing an exact replica of your baby's hands and feet. The process lasts from 3 to 8 weeks depending on the type of the finished product.